Therefore, you don’t as much “gain” to drive the tank, but you need to source more current than what you can get from a 12ax7 to do it. That tube needs to be able to handle some current and the 12at7 is the one to use. Originally Posted by tubeswell. Like others have said, a 12AX7 doesn’t have enough balls to drive a reverb tank. This can sometimes be solved by changing the vibrato tube V4 12AX7 or even the power tubes. AT7 has a plate current of about 10mA, compared to 1. See figures below which resistor this is.

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Good 12AT7 Tube for Reverb | The Gear Page

You sacrifice the things you love. How does it sound?

So, that means 1. A distorted signal will have higher harmonic frequencies that may come out sharp and brittle through bright and sparkling speakers. One can use K or even lower, K. A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out.

Please be aware of that using gz34 or diode rectifier will wear you 6v6 power tubes faster than with a 5u4gb due to the higher plate voltage. I’m no tube snob, just replied with what I’ve found to be a rugged and reliable and inexpensive by today’s standards tube.


The whole dynamic area can be within a narrow interval, i. Install the Mercury Magnetics OT.

Reverb and Driver tube: 12AT7 or 12AX7?

These amps require a careful touch when dialling in the reverb, which irritates us. If cost is no object, the Telefunken ECCS – though it might be too much tube for a lowly reverb driver. When the ground switch has disconnected recerb NBF loop the higher frequencies are still fed back through the cap. Not familiar with the OP’s amp.

Jul 21, 7.

Increase the feedback loop resistance value. Why not just draw the schematic from the circuit?? Diode rectifier — More clean headroom. Is this a coincidence?

A 12au7 works there too, drives it a little less hard and they’re cheaper that dirt as organ pulls. Ed StorerJul 20, We often find the reverb sweet spot around revfrb.

King Fan likes this. Some 6V6 tubes are better reveb others in handling higher voltages. Jul 10, 2. The video below shows a Princeton Reverb with a Weber 10A, a very punchy and massive speaker with huge low mids and bass.

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Looking at the schematic I see V on the reverb transformer, V on the plates of the 12AX7, and 3. It would thus work as a tube tube standalone reverb, with the ‘extra’ triode driving the input.


Log in or Sign up. It’s a Fender type of reverb OT. Do you already have an account? There are some errors in the schematic I posted, there should be a k grid leak for the gain stage after the tank, and the anode resistor was k, not k Logical schematics Layout Click the images for full size versions.

BF/SF Princeton Reverb

I believe everything I did is there, and this circuit gives the benefit of leaving one free triode for other purposes. All of the EL84 conversions were done using the stock Fender tranny, although with that said, I’m hoping to soon get around to re-building my re-issue “stand alone” Reverb head, at which time I was going to experiment using some alternate watt single ended xformers, ‘just to see what kind of difference it will make if any.

Now, as I mentioned, we only need about a watt or so to drive a tank, and the EL is a 5 watt tube.