Posted 22 June – AG Yes, every muscleback blade I have ever designed or analyzed, regardless of who made it, did have a lower CG than any cavity back that I have designed or analyzed. Posted August 14, It’s cc without question because of the forgiveness and distance you would gain over a smaller head. So I decided to advance the head about 30 degrees closed while perpendicular to my body. By Bigmiddy21 , Tuesday at

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Want to join this community? I was looking at the Launcher and Ping G2, both seem to be coming down in price.

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It just doesn’t seem so daunting at address and helps the confidence Same shaft in my Cleveland has a baby fade every time. That drop in swingweight is bad and needs to be offset by adding some weight back to 460dc head usually in the form of lead tape to get the head FEEL during the swing so the golfer notices it well and can 40cc that head weight feel to develop decent swing timing and rhythm.

Richard May 28, Otherwise, why are all these pro’s who can hit the middle of the club face with every swing making the move? Then, low and behold, the line will be that they are aerodynamically superior, i. Personally I play a cc driver. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.


Left Hand Ping G2 400cc 15.5* Driver Womens Standard Black Dot

Search Advanced Search section: Comment Name Email Website. So yes, I understand that to get the right LOOK, a good player sometimes gives up some off center hit forgiveness. If I miss on either side of the face, 460ccc drive is way off line and way, way short. Originally Posted by Letitroll Please log in to reply.

Reply I think they are all valid points here. But there are enough traditional looking cavity back forgings out there today that I do think most players can find one that has the right LOOK — and so then you can get better off center hit performance than with a blade.

Nike VR Driver cc + cc Tour VR

A bag of hacking utensils; Titleist TS3 9. Not a huge difference but the slightly smaller head is easier to look 400cx and setup at address.

Oh well i forgot the point I was trying to make. They keep wanting to put it back farther and lower to hit the ball higher and higher. I am to the point I just leave the driver in the bag. I really think many others would be better served by smaller driver heads 4460cc well.


Hi Jimbo, As some have suggested, “all it really comes down is what you prefer”, “big driver heads have more to miss with Tom Wishon November 24, For a 400dc lead is described as: Posted 01 July – Here and there we at TWGT do hear a request for a smaller size driver head, but in no way is it enough to seriously consider developing one, even for a small company like us.

I play to scratch orr I know a good swing from a bad one.

Left Hand Ping G2 cc * Driver Womens Standard Black Dot | eBay

If you make the face thicker so it survives a mph clubhead speed, it is almost impossible to have the COR be higher than 0. Water melon on a stick. Will these clubs really hit the ball any 460xc if the average golfer uses them? Hoping to get a compact ft tour for the xtra 7 mph ballspeed The time now is The headcover for the model will also say