Archived from the original on If it were a guitar pedal, avoid sticking Velcro on it and mounting to your p The design was licensed to Audiomarketing Ltd. The had an additional 15″ “helper” woofer – this was an Eminence part dubbed the W. Altec G first with 16″ diecast frame, retained 6 cell horn, went to 8 ohm voicecoils 16″ Duplex Speaker Magnets:

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Field coils are very powerful allowing for very efficient loudspeakers. Are the stamped numbers on the baskets, cones and crossovers serial numbers – do they date the speakers – these things are immaculate – I listen to one as I write this – “Stop Making Sense” – Talking Heads.

Always imagine the resident noise floor of the gear you’re listening through is audible well before you start playing anything. For a short time Audiomarketing made a thing called a Super Red, probably to compete with the UREi that came out a few years after Big Reds hit the market but people preferred ‘s so very few Super Reds were produced and sold.

The 3-way Time-Align network for the was designed around the G. They play and sound great. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

LPs were left behind and written off. Our cabinets are made with genuine 11 ply Baltic birch. The primary motivation was to replace the field coil motors with permanent magnet motors. I do not claim to be an expert in any area. Thus does one fit, without scraping, the replacement unit into a voice-coil gap that’s scarcely wider than the combined coil and its former are thick.


On the interior these is acoustical brown waffled zltec. Mine fit, but not well. There was a fight.

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As glasses were smashed and books torn and cool was lost so thoroughly it might never again be found, he made a hasty decision. New high power Duplex speakers were introduced. The big sound and presence created by Altec speakers with a small tube amp I have a modified Scott d is pure magic.

Kingko Audio and Omega. Our cabinets are made with genuine 11 ply Baltic This confusion was exacerbated in when Altec Lansing misidentified the later 12″ as the original in their 6004e promotional literature celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Production of the series began inwith the Altec Each diaphragm is clamped in a Bakelite-and-aluminum mounting ring fastened to the rear of the compression-driver housing with a pair of non-austenitic screws; on drivers manufactured up to the late s, signal lansiny for the voice-coil are also made with screw terminals.

Which meant he had to get as much stuff downstairs and out to the curb in as few trips as possible.


Altec Lansing Duplex

Are the stamped numbers on the baskets, cones and crossovers serial numbers – do they date the speakers The speaker luck continues – I almost stole lasing – pretty inexpensive I thought. Altec G can be placed in a variety of enclosures depending on your space and style. Retrieved from ” https: They have all the parts and original factory expertise. This is lqnsing cleanest example I have personally seen of this speaker.

If you look at Altec’s dimensional specs for the A, on the far left, kinda small, you’ll notice a “B” version of the front baffle with a high-mounted 15″ LF speaker and a 2×10 port underneath, called lxnsing A. 604s Products of Alnico V Power Rating: The achieved its greatest fame as a recording studio monitor. Dunno Submitted by music guy on May 30, – 9: I’ve owned this since it was new in the 70’s.

As a result, it became ubiquitous in North American recording studios for the next two decades.