It is not necessary to switch off your speaker system each time you turn off your PC. See “Replacing the fuse. The subwoofer’s shape has been specifically designed so it can easily fit along the right or left side of your desk. Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. The triple input cable is permanently wired to the subwoofer.

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There is a design flaw where the board gets corroded due to the fact they caulked or glued it togther and left some of the circuit board hanging out. Computer not sending out signal Use the diagnostic lahsing to determine that the tone is heard through all speakers. Each satellite speaker cable has a color coded plug at its end. Another view of the burnt traces: Front speaker placement Adda995 placement of your satellite speakers is important for sound quality, the acoustic response of the satellites was carefully optimized with typical desk, monitor and keyboard configurations.

The subwoofer, the Left Rear satellite and the Right Rear satellite will each sound a test tone at the same time. Answered on Feb 16, Posted on Feb 04, Be the first to answer. To help you make the right connections from each speaker to the subwoofer, the following features have been used: Press this button to turn up the volume. The subwoofer is not magnetically shielded.


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Name on Satellite Plug. If a digital signal is detected, which can only happen when the VersaJack is set to Digital Out in the speaker controls software, the center speaker will be muted. If your listening environment permits convenient wall-mount access, you may wish to take advantage of this feature by following these instructions:.

The optimum subwoofer level setting varies for different types of music. Posted on Apr 15, Be the first to answer.

Now you are ready to connect the subwoofer to the sound card. Posted on Aug 11, Be the first adw995 answer. You will now test each plug of the triple cable separately. The speaker system can remain powered. The subwoofer’s test tone will be a lower frequency than that of the center.

Be sure to check the DVD’s Language menu and if a 5. Diagnostic output connector In order to help diagnose system problems, an output jack for speaker testing is located at the rear of the subwoofer.

Posted on Mar 03, Be the first to answer. Use the computer keyboard for system volume adjustments. Connecting the satellite speakers to the subwoofer Each Satellite speaker has a cable with a colored, mechanically-keyed plug attached to the cable end. Be sure you lansung the 5. If either of the satellites fails to sound the test tone, check its cable connection to the subwoofer.


Dell Altec Lansing Ada995 5.1 THX Certified Computer Speakers

Center speaker placement The center speaker should be located between the front left and right satellites, near the middle – for instance, ara995 top of your computer monitor. You can adjust the subwoofer sound level using the Subwoofer Level control. Just before surgery on the amp chips: It’s ratings are 5. Increase the subwoofer volume by aletc the Subwoofer Level control at the back of the subwoofer.

I pulled it out before I took the picture I went ahead and replaced all of the 4.

You can now position the center speaker on a desktop or other flat surface, but NOT the top of your computer monitor. The subwoofer’s tone will be a lower frequency than the test tone sounded through the algec. On illuminated see item 1 on graphic.