Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. This will obviously make it easier for GPUs to handle doing things other than graphics more efficiently. AGEIA is dedicated to delivering dynamic interactive realism to the ever demanding complexity of next generation games. Thought’s only would be appreciated as my PC is quick, just ive seen what dedication can do. Physics is all about how objects in your game move and react. GRAW – Page 2 9. Graphics has become sets of highly independent mathematically intense problems.

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No doubt you can use an older NVidia card for dedicated PhysX and see some gains on some game titles – if you already have a spare – but it’s not worth buying one when you can instead drop in another GPU. As a result, physics in games has been ageiia to a few objects in a scene, one-off “effects” or visual trickery that just mimics real physics.

Effective Memory Data Rate: Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: It’s not just how things look, but how they behave. Blood Of Sahara Bet on Soldier: Log in Don’t have an account?

We phywx really like to get a better idea of how much actual “work” this part can handle, but for now we’ll have to settle for this ambiguous number and some real zsus performance.


Very unsure with the Extreme board as filling all the PCI slots slow it down. We are certainly seeing titles coming out like Oblivion which are able to bring everything we throw at it to a crawl, so balance will certainly be an issue for Havok FX and similar solutions. I did like the reason behind the Triangle but if its a sales ploy at the time my apology’s. Blood Sport Patch CellFactor: Originally Posted by Korth. Ark ham city scarecrow nightmare is prime example of the difference.

AGEIA PhysX Technology and GPU Hardware – Exclusive: ASUS Debuts AGEIA PhysX Hardware

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You may use these tags: Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Of course, we’re talking about internal theoretical bandwidth, but agela best we can do for now is relay what AGEIA has told us. GRAW – Page 4 Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

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Let’s take a look a the ASUS card and then take a look at the numbers. Even the most powerful weapons leave little more than a charred smudge on the thinnest of walls; and every opponent you take out falls in a strangely familiar way.

It’s not that GPUs can’t be used to solve these problems where the input to one pixel is the output of another performing multiple passes and making use of render-to-texture functionality is one obvious solution ; it’s just that much of the power of a GPU is mostly wasted when attempting to solve this type of problem. State changes will be more efficient, and many more objects will be able to be sent to the GPU for processing every frame.


Leave this field blank. CPUs aren’t able to touch this type of internal bandwidth either.

ASUS PhysX P1 Ghost Recon Edition – AGEIA PhysX – 128 MB Series

We certainly understand the need to protect intellectual ageai, especially at this stage in the game, but this is what we know. GRAW – Page 3 GRAW – Page 1 8. Only interest if this motherboard can provide the right speed and bandwidth to justify cost. This will obviously make it easier asuus GPUs to handle doing things other than graphics more efficiently.

AGEIA, being the first and only consumer-oriented physics processor designer right now, has not given us as much in-depth technical detail as other hardware designers.