Obviously, Asus also liked it that much, they also covered the smaller of the two provided batteries with leather. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. The U6S sports that sophisticated look, while maintaining a consumer price tag. A FireWire port , which is sometimes used for transmitting video data or connecting external hard disks, is missing. Fortunately such is included.

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Classic Test mAh. I do like that it has a silver color keyboard and the finish on the keys seem more durable then on my Asus R1.

We measured only 21 watts. Moreover, some goodies are included as well, e. Products may not be available in all markets. The U6S provides many different ports. The key travel is adequately long, and the feedback early and clear.

It gets bright, but the colors are kind of washy. The U6S has a sharp design. The Asus U6S bluegooth inspiring in many ways, e. Although we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time of publication, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.


It is at the left side of the notebook, and difficult to use without fingernails. Penryn CPUs are successors of the Merom processor generation. Please refer specification pages for full details. The U6S is incorporated with 3.

Also the noise caused by typing is all right.

One on them is a protection cover made of black leatherwhich can only take up the notebook even with the bigger battery. Even if we switch the notebook off, the power consumption was still 21 watts. However, the part with the DVD drive has the usual weakness.

I have had this happen on my Asus R1 tablet, which has the same keyboard design. Some surfaces are glossy, e. However, it is difficult to keep track blketooth many tile windows. But this is not all.

Weighing in at 3. The smaller battery has a capacity of 2.

Together with the maximum brightness this gives a contrast ratio of Some keys like mutated vowels and cursor keys are shrunk to a width of 13 mm. I had no problems connecting the mouse or using it. A smaller mAh and a bluetooht mAh Li-Ions battery.


asusparts Asus, 14G, Asus U6S BLUETOOTH CABLE

Asus chose a powerful hard disk too, i. Exquisite Detailing The leather bound palm rest adds yet another dimension to the U6 design with a softness that personalizes the tactile computing experience.

Nevertheless, it’s a u6 noise, so, unlike you are very sensitive, it’s not extremely annoying. The shapes are simple and geometrically.

Asus U6S Review

Data security is uncompromised with built-in fingerprint scanner that reads from the live layer of skin, preventing common skin surface conditions from impairing scanner accuracy. Thankfully there is a nice ring around the touchpad so you know where it stops.

The same is bluetooyh for graphical applications with many toolboxes. The U6S is comfortable to hold and work on.