Getting Started Before you begin using your computer, read this chapter to familiarize yourself with the main components installed in the system. Moving the cursor to the battery icon on the taskbar is the simplest way to check on battery power status. Follow the steps in the appropriate section below to reinstall the factory software. Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company. If you press hard, you can see the keyboard sink down a bit.

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Function Keys Introduction — Features Features High Capacity Hard Disk Drive The computer has a high capacity hard disk drive to averafec your favorite programs and large multimedia files.

Press Esc to exit any section. This is due to the processor running at full speed when running off of the battery, which you cannot throttle down contrary to the whole point of using a mobile processor. The pad is very responsive, and double-clicks nicely. Battery and charger are missing.

Video Memory Memory Allocation Technology.

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It shows normal wear from use. When charging the battery, the green battery light blinks until it is almost fully charged—then it just stays on. Mainboard Data Bus Speed. Turning off Your Computer Turning off the computer properly is important to maintaining your computer.


Fortunately, the headphone jack is easily accessed from the front of the computer, and sounds great. Adjusting The Volume Adjusting the Volume You can adjust the volume with the volume control knob located below the touchpad. The setup here is bare-bones, which is an effort to keep the laptop small. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The reset button locate on the computer bottom side.

Finally, a DVD burner would be a nice perk. Should you buy a refurbished iPad? It is on the right side of the laptop, probably the most common location.

Audio-out Jack Connect a stereo headset or external speakers to this jack to listen to multimedia. Upgrading the RAM there is only one slot available will most likely be the best performance move, and is easily done through a small door on the bottom of the laptop.

Page 21 Inserting a Disk 1. Tips for New Owners Take responsibility for backup Back up files often.


Charging seems to take place in real-time. Averatec right-side view view larger image.

Averatec Laptop

In fact, I like it—it looks kind of industrial. As with most small laptops, the speakers are nothing to write home about. Missing battery, hinges are worn.

Also be aware that you embark on these upgrade adventures at your own risk. Monitoring Battery Power There are two ways to monitor how much power the battery has left. Under the hood, there is an attractive dark gray keyboard with white letters for the main keys, blue for the alternate keys. Running full speed takes more power and more fan activitywhile running slower requires less.

Removing a Card 1. All products are tested upon arrival.

Averatec Model Laptop. Change Supervisor Password A supervisor password must be set before a lower-level user password can be set. The Graphics System The Graphics System Your computer has a high-performance graphics system, which can easily handle the demands of today’s multimedia computing.