Post a comment Name Also, you can edit your existing comments as well. Choose configuration, drivers, native. Discover the magic of the Internet. No special settings were required to execute Delphi-compiled executables which are all bit, obviously. If a file name is supplied, it is used instead. Enclosing table names is essential if a table name has embedded spaces.

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String ; begin case AType of fldZString: More social media choices: If a file name is supplied, it is used instead. How are language drivers. String ; var rslt: ParseDataset traverses the table’s structure, sequentially visiting each field definition. ShowTable is a Boolean property that specifies whether to prefix field names with a table reference.

See the documentation for the SQL database system natuve consult the vendor that supplies it for more information on installing and configuring nattive software. Discover the magic of the Internet. You can see this in the bottom of the DbTables. InstallShield Express will create the necessary registry entries and define any aliases the application may require. There are If there is a native driver than data-controls components of the Delphi.


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MS SQL Server and BDE Setup

These files come with SQL Links and are redistributable in accordance with the Delphi license agreement. Sign up using Facebook. Right, and you can safely remove this check as well: I guess the BDE gets the information from a certain file called “test. Of all the data access mechanisms, the BDE supports the broadest range of functions and comes with the most supporting utilities. Corrections to first code snippet Sl.

It won’t install drivers for SQL database servers. John, Viewing the original article with Netscape 4. No issue with any of the Service Pack s?

Email Required, but never shown. Downloading the latest driver releases can help you resolve driver conflicts and improve your computer’s stability and performance.

Delphi Embedded Database, BDE replacement

Now we are planning to migrate to SQL Serverwhat are the chances that it might work or not? If no file name is supplied, the original table’s name is used but with a.


Bde Ms Sql Native Driver. Sign up using Email and Password.

Deploying BDE applications – Delphi Guide

QuoteTables is a Boolean property that specifies whether to enclose bce names in quotation marks double; no provision made for selecting between single and double quotation marks, but this is an interesting idea for a future feature. If you don’t use aliases at all and don’t include any references to DbTables. Post a comment Name Count – 1 do begin TempStr: It is still necessary to nnative the client software for the SQL database system used.

Expressing multiple fields for a primary index requires a comma-separated list in local SQL. BDEwhich provides high-performance database access through native drivers.