RambleFX , Jan 29, Fenderkid67 , Jan 27, Bad Monkey is also worth a try. The Tube Amp Book. I happen to love the fat switch on the keeley version so that gave it a tad more girth as well. The bd2 is a gritty and edgier pedal and gives you more in the high mids. Stretch90 , Jan 28,

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The Tube Amp Book.

The other difference was that Ibanez fs a tone control, so Boss introduced the SD1 with a tone control. Share This Page Tweet. ColdacreJan 29, Zepp76Jan 28, Does anyone know a pedal that produces something similar but doesn’t lack quality? BrockoJan 29, Bad Monkey is also worth a try. Only 50 bucks new. My friend gave it to me, for helping him put together a rack for him. RomanJan 28, This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat Jan 27, 5.

May 23, 6.


I love how transparent the BD2 is and as many have said it cleans up and is very responsive to rolling back the volume know AND to pick attack. May 23, 1. I’m actually selling one BD-2 is pretty classic – gets kinda fizzy which is love or bluea.

I have a BB II and like it a lot- warm but aggresive sounding at the same time. Both use clipping diodes in the feedback bluesbreeaker of the op-amp, but the TS has one diode going in each direction, while the Boss has two going in one direction and only one going in the other direction.

Marshall Bluesbreaker – Wikipedia

I want play srv, bb king etc. The output of a typical Bluesbreaker was only about 35 watts, and thus the sound would break up at more moderate volumes as compared to larger amplifiers. The schematics for all of these pedals are readily available and pedal gurus can describe the similarities and differences among them, and the resulting effect on tone.


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Boss Blues Driver vs Marshall Blues Breaker II

DougMMay 23, Check out the Wampler Plexi-Drive Due to its iconic status amongst collectors, the Bluesbreaker has become one of the most collectible and valuable vintage guitar amplifiers. No, create an account now. I love mine no matter what guitar or amp I use.

Frankg11Jan 28, Got a good Guitar Player review-just reread it today. My Les Paul Forum.

Marshall Bluesbreaker

Do you already have an account? Funny how that works, eh? It was precisely this distortion that Eric Clapton was after.