After GlidePoint’s commercial introduction in April , its popularity in notebook computers steadily increased and Synaptics and Logitech also introduced capacitive touchpad technologies. Gerpheide , PhD, and James L. Sealed solid-state design is more resistant than trackballs and other mousing devices. This page was last edited on 15 May , at Find settings that work for you.

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Vertical Scroll by simply gliding the finger along the right edge of the touchpad.

Circle Trackpads have recently been featured in gaming controllersbut could also be used in remotes, automotive, industrial, and medical devices. The right touch area is marked on the pad surface with a change of color and texture, left click by touching anywhere else. The latest up-to-date drivers should be downloaded from the Cirque website.

GlideSensor touch arrays may now be designed to take the form of thin films, flexible surfaces and irregular shapes. Retrieved from ” https: Wheel mouse scrolling vertical scroll GlideExtend – Continued movement when the edge of the touchpad is reached by lifting and repositioning the finger to continue motion.

Default settings may not meet your requirements.

Easy Cat USB AG Touchpad

Doing this can greatly reduce the potential for the hand or fingers of one hand being overworked. This means citque the hand has less distance to travel to access the mousing device and does not have to drag the weight of the mousing device to accomplish cursor movement.

InCirque was acquired by Alps Electric as a wholly owned subsidiary. Device will work on a lap, in a vertical orientation – even upside down Cirque touchpads are even used on the International Space Station!


The two bottom buttons and vertical scrolling will not function without third party driver installation. Cursor tracking with the Smart Cat Pro touchpqd accurate and reliable – always following the “point of first contact”, unlike other less-advanced touchpad devices that have difficulty when a second contact is accidentally made.

There wasn’t money for cidque booth at the show, so we carried our GlidePoint prototypes around the convention center making demonstrations to whoever was willing to watch.

This option means that users can switch between hands at any time, avoiding overuse of either hand.

Smart Cat Pro AG Touchpad by Cirque Corporation : ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page

Generation of both left and right clicks is accomplished by lifting the finger clear of the surface and then lightly touching the surface to perform a click.

The low cirqhe design virtually eliminates the potential for touchppad extension and the ambidextrous design accommodates used with either hand for those with to spread the load between hands. The bottom left and right buttons default to left and right click but can be custom programmed to launch a browser, open e-mail, change multimedia settings at the touch of a finger, gouchpad instantly pull up any file or perform any favourite commands Action Options. Cirque’s Circle Trackpad Development Kit is Arduino based and uses open sourced code on Github so it’s easy to setup and use for developing projects.

GlidePoint technology senses the presence and absolute position of a finger on the pad’s surface using capacitive techniques.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Advanced Gestures for GlidePoint: GlidePoint GlidePoint was the first touchpad technology to be adopted touchpd notebook computers as a system pointing devicethat is, performing the same function as a mouse.


Can Reduce Pronation – Touchpads are solid state devices i.

Cirque Corporation

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Smart Cat Pro offers both single and multi-finger gestures to provide quick access to standard functions of left cique right clicking, zoom, scroll, pan and as well as other actions.

Make a point of learning to use the touchpad with both hands and then regularly switch between them.

The Smart Cat Pro also features four one-touch zones that can be custom programmed for a wide range of shortcuts or actions. This page was last cirqye on 15 Mayat Gouchpad pricing, availability or to order this product, visit our online store. The reason for this is that the Glidepoint Driver lets you customize the functionality of your Cirque TouchPad. Facilitates Correct Wrist Alignment – As the touchpad can be angled in any direction while moving the cursor, the hand can be aligned straight with the forearm, reducing any lateral twisting at the wrist ulnar or radial deviation.

The capacitive touch technology by Cirque provides complete navigation control of any graphical interface, packed in a space-saving, low-friction, durable mouse alternative. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The result is a touch controller capable of being rapidly configured to solve the most unusual input application.