What you need is a Mac. Specially manufactured for BLU Dash 4. Mine was the only appropriate suggestion for the questioner. Or if you want to preserve an old VCR movie that can’t be obtained in a newer format. Someone needs to poke his noggin with a pin to let all that hot air out.

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Jun 14, Messages: Thom Roadster New member Username: So, you have an iMac, eh? Posted on Thursday, May 24, – Windows has been and remains the target of choice for virus writers and propagators because of its many vulnerabilities.

Patrick Randolph New member Username: Based on the user manual available online at http: Battery for BLU Dash 4.

Glaucio Silva New member Username: X370u I guess as long as I buy any 4 pin to 4 pin cable which is what I need it should work. You don’t have to be a hobbyist and build a custom box. Hey, look at my cool system. You must log in or sign up to post here. You can read about it here: Since you have elevated me to the rank of professor let me grade your recent submission.


It’s a matter of choice.

Mrturpin OK Post Number: Rachel Turpin New member Username: The card package contained a short cable so short I had to leave the camera besides the PC case and a CD with Ulead software. The “chip” has nothing to do with a computers vulnerability to a virus or worm. And I can do whatever I want to my video, produce original music, write books about know-it-all professor’s and computer video geeks, or whatever else I want to do, just as well on my machine as you can on yours.

I have a jvc-sx40,now i can see my family video on my iPod. So I plug the pin into the back of the camera of the cord that has the red, white and yellow VCR type of connectors on the other end. Someone needs to poke his noggin with a pin to let all that hot air out. Both provide an excellent service to us chasers, so you really can’t go wrong. Actual product can be different from the product shown.

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JVC GR-D370U mini dv to pc…..i really need some help

I don’t have any account. If you don’t want to install the software, you can use WIndows Movie Maker or any other video editing software.


But the pictures have so bad quality it doesn’t worth losing your time on it. I have v370u with Dell Support and that was wasted time.

JVC GR-DU mini dv to pci really need some help –

I just bought a laptop that didn’t have the firewire port on it, but you can buy a MCIA card that will convert the MCIA slot to 2 firewire and 1 usb port. Not bragging, just pointing out that people like me and I would suggest the original questioner can avoid a lot of grief by using the right tool for the job. Perfect replacement for the original housing and make the phone look like a new one. Alexander A Eclar New member Username: In the 2 months you have been chattering about this i have captured, edited, printed to video and authored to DVD over 40 hours of video.

And I’m sure c370u have heard the phrase “Cult of Mac.