Read these papers by Peter Gutmann: The HPA is a low risk because it is not accessible during normal operations. The timestamps in the dwipe. I have a Samsung SSD that has recently been dying on me — there appear to be some memory issues. Most desktop computers will have a performance sweet-spot of four disks. If data is encrypted when it is passed to the firmware it’s already encrypted.

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Notwithstanding driver problems, there are no known defects in these stable releases: We will not issue a statement of conformity for DBAN because it would be construed as a warranty or promise. The result lines earlier in the log file are correct. Start DBAN at the boot prompt with this command: Use the Dbam wipe method if you want to wipe remapped sectors.

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Alternatives to Dban?

Incorrect device summary in the dwipe. All major computer manufacturers provide drivers for Microsoft Windows on their web sites. Just double-click the ISO file. It just boots from the hard disk.

Disable the floppy drive with the BIOS setup program. As such, I want to wipe the drive before sending it in.


The operating system installer must have ATA-6 support to use all of a disk that is larger than gigabytes. Further access is probably only possible by using special functions in the firmware which only the vendors knows, using a special firmware or getting physical access to the chips, depending on the cause of the problem.

Please read the FAQs below. Are there any tools that can write data neev malfunctioning drives? Does DBAN wipe remapped sectors? Steffen Ullrich k 13 Open a bug report for the incompatible target computer and provide manufacturer and coould information for the hardware. Post as a guest Name.

This firmware is in full control how it deals with command from the OS. Keep in mind that you already trusted the manufacturer in the first place by buying a disk in the hope that the firmware does not contain any backdoor. Does DBAN wipe the index. All final summary lines of the log file have the same device name. Does DBAN wipe the registry? If the encoding is unknown, then writing random patterns is your best strategy.

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The Microsoft Windows installation media that you are using only has ATA-5 support, which has a gigabyte limit. You can check whether you have one of these disks by booting with a Neee floppy and writing to the last sector with a hex editor. Almost every burning program will burn the DBAN boot media correctly with default burning options.


For alternative wiping solutions that conform to multiple national and international third party approvals, certifications and recommendations. Why is sound broken after using DBAN? Alternatively, you can install to a gig partition, apply the nede pack that provides bit LBA, and then enlarge the filesystem afterwards. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

This is likely to happen with battery-backed large-memory RAID controllers or defective hard disks. Do not change the forward-slash characters to back-slash characters. Fban a followup to his paper, Gutmann said that it is unnecessary to run those passes because you cannot be reasonably certain about how a modern hard disk stores data on the platter.