Blues playing is pretty integral to what I like to play even when I play rock, it’s still kinda blues , so I’m thinking this could be a good be a good fit in my arsenal and much more versatile as a stacking pedal, too. And if you do, it has way more treble available, which works nicely with its overdrive character to kick an amp into high-gear. Don’t really care for it much but I know that doesn’t mean it sounds like the SD My understanding largely from the excellent technical discussions on TDPRI is that the analog DigiTech stuff from the ‘s lines up like this: I’m not sure if there are any out there, but if so, you’ll probably like it quite a bit.

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I don’t have a BD-2 around to directly compare it to, sorry, but I can record a demo of the pedal on its own and then boosting an amp. Well, the schematics might be the same, but my ears tell me that the BD2 sounds “better”.


Jun 30, Log in or Sign up. Not sure I can put my finger on what blue it is – more realistic sound, slightly less nasally midrange, but I’d recommend the Keeley version over the stock BD2.

Current Rig Great Transactions with: Which is better – BD-2 or Screaming Blues? Join the HC Newsletter.

You must log in or sign screamiin to reply here. Search in titles only Search in Effects and Processors only Search. I see a lot of mods available for the Boss pedal. Your name or email address: Oct 17, 5.

Digitech Screamin’ Blues – Legit?

Considering the Digitech is 50 clams and the Boss is typically 80, I thought I’d pass this info on to all of you Bluesdriver lovers on a budget. A buddy of mine bos Ft. What amp are you using? It’s a bright pedal depending on the guitar, which is easily tamed by the tone controls if need be, but Bluees thought its dirt sounded like a much more organic part of my guitar’s tone, rather than just slapping some buzz “around” my guitar tone, if that makes any sense.

But they also had a Screamin’ Blues, which I had mostly overlooked. Jan 8, 3. I’ll go for the BD As far as stock BD-2 vs.


The Ugly Guitar Truth: Boss Blues Driver VS Digitech Screamin’ Blues

Oct 19, 7. That’s just my opinion though. StormJH1Mar 14, Yes, my password is: That mod to adjust the op-amp boost – is that a mod that someone’s already done to a BD-2, or is that a Digitech original idea?

Anyone have any experiences comparing the two? Help FAQs Go to top. Yes sir, I had the Boss BD and found it to be a ve too hard clipping for what it was designed to be I think. I got to mess with it some, but it was years ago.

The Screaming Blues is a good effect but i really prefer the Bad Monkey. Or just bust one open and trace it out? No, create an account now. Do you already have an account? Why do you recommend the SD-1 over either?