If the distribution file has not been compacted at all i. How do I upgrade my Easysoft license on Windows? This is only required if the Easysoft ODBC-Firebird Driver is not going to be upgraded, or is to be upgraded using a different configuration. Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft. DLL even though it’s in my System32 directory. You may need to consult your system administrator to do this.

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This file contains information including a machine number a number unique to your machine which Easysoft require before a license key can be issued. Allows a default Firebird character set to be specified for the database connection. Any warnings generated during the installation are appended to the. Support is also provided for older InterBase interface libraries and the operation of the driver will be adjusted to ensure the most ldbc execution.

This frees the locked files and allows the installation to complete without a system restart. Unless you specified the installation directory at step 14 to be within the temporary directory, then you can safely remove the fidebird directory and all its contents. If the check failed because of missing components, enter y to continue regardless or n to quit and investigate the missing components. Each of these methods involves providing Easysoft with information including your machine number a number unique to your machine and then waiting to receive your license key.


How do I automate a license request on Unix or Linux?

Easysoft ODBC-Firebird Driver Knowledge Base Articles

Log on to your Unix machine friebird the root user. If you wish to install the software in another directory then specify a directory name here.

If you are not using any other Easysoft software then you may remove the path to the common Easysoft shared objects:. Select 0 to exit. MetaData Calls Direct access is provided to all the Firebird catalog tables.

General – Solaris Why do I get error “libodbc.

Easysoft ODBC-Firebird Driver User Guide – Index

If you have obtained an authorization code essysoft a purchased license, select Non-expiring License and then click Next. If known, supply the unixODBC install path. This option allows the behavior to be altered, such that the ODBC driver reports a precision that is the maximum possible precision that could be stored in the field, overriding the actual stored precision.

Z for a ” compressed ” archive. How do I upgrade my Easysoft license on Windows? The line is of the form:. Execute Proc allows applications to call firebir type of procedure by using the standard ODBC escape sequence. Why can’t I connect to the License Daemon?

Easysoft ODBC-Firebird Driver

The exact command you need to use to set and export an environment variable depends on your shell and the variable that needs to be set depends on the run-time linker used on your Unix platform. Promote cracked software, or other illegal content. Refer to the platform documentation for your current shell and ld 1dlopen or ld.


Easysoft provided excellent support and advice on the launch of our new data infrastructure.

Easysoft ODBC-Firebird Driver User Guide – Contents

As this type of connection is made in the process context of the client application, it can fail if the privileges of a user do not permit database access e. Up to this point it has checked the following:. Change to the directory in which the distribution file resides. If at step 30 you chose to write the licensing information to a file, you still need to complete the licensing procedure before the Easysoft ODBC-Firebird Driver can be used.

The driver maps the ODBC transaction interface to the provided Firebird model in a transparent and efficient manner. Forces a Commit after a Select statement if required e. When you uninstall, your licenses are not removed so you do not need to relicense the product if you reinstall or upgrade.

If you read your email in Windows, this attachment will be visible but it will not work for licensing Unix versions of the software.

Change into the newly-created odbc-firebird- x.