Either way, Emotiva has brought a very interesting product to market with the XDA When switching between sources I frequently need to make even larger volume adjustments, so I found the XDA-2’s slow-poke control mildly annoying. I ended up with a Teac AH01 integrated amp, which is only 8. The Resonessence sound is comparatively more hooded, smoother up top and tonally meatier. Not just between the DC-1 and the source, but the Burson as well. And as a consumer, I would find most objective the results of a professional double-blind, but I conceded the daunting logistics for audio equipment in my previous post.

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Meze Empyrean Headphones land at InnerFidelity. To me, it seems that they make a product that is well built, and is much cheaper than the design and quality would normally demand. There was that word again: I already dislike the remote.

Emotiva XDA-2 USB DAC/Digital Preamp/Headphone Amp | InnerFidelity

Emotiva also throws in free shipping for the XDA-2, a day money back guarantee, and a five year transferable warranty. However, they seriously need to consider hiring more people for their office, and find a better way to organize their dealings with customers.


And if not, are you comfortable with the methods you used to select it? Nearly every time I called, everyone was busy and I had to leave a message.

If so, it actually puts out a maximum of mW at 10 Ohms. Submitted by warpdrive on February 22, – 9: Thank you for your job!

I used my trusty Audio Technica ATH-Ws to checkout the XDA-2s headphone amp and was very pleasantly greeted by some very similar sound—full-bodied and well-controlled.

Create new account Request new password. When you switch back to speaker listening, the volume control switches back.

Interestingthanks for the information! If it has problems, they do offer the 30 day return policy – and the emmotiva hassle is to deal with their customer service.

While I did not compare them for this review Post 15 of By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. This happened 3 or 4 times, and I was never called back.

Emotiva XDA-2 USB DAC/Digital Preamp/Headphone Amp | AudioStream

I have not heard the MyDAC I have no idea why this worked, but it did. A perfect addition IMO.

The headphones sounded at least as good as they did through my Rotel CD player and Marantz integrated amp, if not slightly better. The manufacturer’s comments Submitted by labjr on March 14, – 4: Focal Elegia — latest arrival On the upside the volume control “remembers” the last volume setting for the headphones and line outputs, and automatically reverts to the last setting when switching between headphone and main outputs.


Related Latest Reviews Recommended. Could not ask for a better review, almost tailor made for myself.

Emotiva Audio Xda-2 USB DAC Digital Preamp & Headphone Amp

I will now walk you through my initial impressions, and listening eemotiva. Jan 4, at 9: Post 5 of Emotiba XDA-2 is a cabriolet version of its predecessor. System matching is more critical with this DAC. For me personally, I despise the garrish blue “halo” lighting around the buttons and would like to see an additional dimmer setting to turn those off but keep the VFD on.

Leave this field blank. Should be a very simple firmware update to add those two additional settings.