Source and Dest parameters of the function call are record handles. This is important when ctsrvr. This can involve path changes which need to be reflected in the session and database dictionaries. For Unix-based systems, the dynamic callback library is named libctsqlcbk with a filename extention appropriate to that operating system’s default shared library conventions. Replication New replication actions have been added to the cttrnmod utility for flexible control of replication attributes.

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By default they are lower case unless otherwise stated.

For many operations on records or indices, a cost, in terms of time units, is used to decide between the use of a record or index-oriented scan. Olus created with the c-treeDB Interface used www. List of ODBC drivers and vendors: When loading a DLL under Windows, the system looks through a series of directories, as follows: This is the field number on the source table. This function callback is called before reading the first record, hence before starting the actual record migration. The table below lists these variables and the platforms that use them.

The order of the debug operations in the string is shown below: Among the different Unix platforms, there are three search path variables in use.

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This optional pointer points to a function returning the size of the string used when retrieving the source field into a string using the GetFieldAsString function pointer. The -Xms value cannot exceed the value set for -Xmx the maximum Java heap size.


This stored procedure sets odbx debug features according to the TPESQLDBG string passed as an argument and returns a row containing the actual debug setting after applying the new debug settings. Thus a non-tran index cannot be converted to transaction control, and must be rebuilt after the conversion. But note that this memory is allocated for each SQL client, so you should consider how many clients will connect to the server at any given time and make sure total cache memory doesn’t exceed available physical memory on the system.

It may be necessary to add custom logon information for your particular installation. Both Windows and Unix based systems use the same configuration syntax and file name convention. This template was automatically created if it did not exist when needed.

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When using case insensitive searches, all search conditions, sorting and grouping is done in a case insensitive manner. This is important when ctsrvr. The diagram below depicts the relationship of the raircom/c-tree utility with the callback library and its configuration file: Upon a second attempt, the transaction is returned a different set of rows.


It determines whether odnc owner name is prepended to the physical table name or not. The following c-treeDB functions are safe to be called from inside callback functions: Statement interface as shown here.

Each index segment must faorcom/c-tree declared using the following syntax: There is no special ordering of the tables.

If problems faircom/c-trree unusual results are detected they are logged to verify. Do not set this value without a complete understanding of c-tree transaction control.

If both -B and -b are specified, the read-only setting takes precedence. The value implementation is system dependent and the C RTL time handling functions should be used to guarantee portability. There is a developer’s guide here for Cas one of your tags is: The following extended header attributes may also be set: A value of 0 indicates no timeout value, which is also the default.

NET, you can specify the OdbcConnection.

Junior Application Developer — Summer Start. Specify a taskid of 1 to enable impersonation of the connection by any other connection.