Thanks for all your help and suggestions! Again if you can open the control panel then you can actually add custom resolutions, and it would be possible to add x Posted January 4, It seems pretty limited in forcing a given resolution x or at least without clocking my card. Another method of getting your full x with vista drivers would be to use power strip to manually force the resolution. If you want to stretch the image across your screen though, that is a driver related setting some screens also support it too , but you’ll need to be able to open the control panel to set how the image scales on screen. The latest drivers that will work are the

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Thank Nvidia for throwing us a bone. I was wondering if someone could perhaps help me build a driver for better performance on my system. Try the below in IE7, 8 or 9 Other browsers will not work http: I loaded my MMO game and still experiencing the in-game graphical stutter.

Do you already have an account? Posted January 6, I have a FX ultra on Ah so glad to finally see some talk about the FX cards.


I’m currently on Driver: Using modifiers for dpinst. I would like to see my games open at the full 16 x 9, but I don’t know if this is possible with this card. In fact, when I use Vista-based drivers, I do not get the full x resolution. At the moment, due to this graphical stutter I’m left modufied outright quit playing my MMO.

Current drivers only support Series 6 an above The newer drivers sometimes have trouble upgrading over the older drivers. We’re hoping they may be exceptions. None of the suggested drivers from the thread, nor recent drivers via the Driver search page remedy my in-game graphical stutter. A small INF mod to allow the go to work should be all that is needed.

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It seems that neither Microsoft or Nvidia are going to support fx2500 card for Windows 7. If speed is important, I’d try I did install PowerStrip briefly, but I am too scared to fool with it too much as I am worried I might fry my card.

We only discovered last night what the problem was.

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 64mb Video Graphics Card -Apple Parts 603-3254 / 630-4862

I got a resolution of x and it works fine. The only official W7 driver for the FX series is version By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. It seems pretty limited in forcing a given resolution x or at least without clocking my card.


I have been to their site and they no longer support this card. Hi again, I have try to follow the aaaaaa suggestions, if I have understood correctly Hog54Oct 22, The one thing in common with all of the drivers, is that when it comes to games, none of them allow them to come up at x Modifird installed the Register a new account.

Nvidia GeForce FX for Windows 7 | guru3D Forums

Works fine for areo and general computing, I havent tried any games though since it is a work pc. One Vista driver I tried did give me Aero, but only a x res. Sam G, the fact that you can even get Your FX won’t even play any of today’s games it anything half acceptable any way.