The initial version of the GeForce FX the was one of the first cards to come equipped with a large dual-slot cooling solution. Huge core and memory clocks, helped by some clever compression technology and MB of on-board RAM make it a performance and wallet-busting monster. Today we have two aspects for analysis: Hardware based on the NV30 project didn’t launch until near the end of , several months after ATI had released their competing DirectX 9 architecture. Air is taken from inside the PC case which makes cooling less effective. Video 3Digests Video cards:

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GeForce FX series – Wikipedia

As an independent manufacturer and seller of its products under PowerPack trademark earlier CARDexpert it rang out quite recently. Let’s now get to the bottom of this unusual graphics adapter.

Although the cooler is less noisy, the noise frequency is higher because of the speedy fan, and you can hear it whistling owners of computers with SCSI hard drives of and over rpm are well aware of it: Under the heatsink we can find the processor itself: The NV34, in a nutshell, is a 0.

Later you will see that the card’s performance is much limited by the memory, and GPU alone does not boost the performance. This fact should be accounted for in the price.


This cooler is a zest of this card. Huge core and memory clocks, helped by some clever compression technology and MB of on-board RAM make it a performance and wallet-busting monster. It more thoroughly competed with Radeon XT, but was still behind in a few shader-intense gefirce.

The lack of transistors on this budget model, numbering a ‘measly’ 45 million, means that it sacrifices a number of bandwidth-saving vx to the cost gods. As you can see, GF FX comes with the outdated 5ns memory.


GeForce 2 4 MX. Today we are testing two cards: Kepler GeForce But they are far different in the appearance and design. At the time, there were no GeForce FX products for the other segments of the market. As for the sample tested, together with the ViewSonic P monitor and BNC Bargo cable it showed excellent quality at the following resolutions and clock speeds: Click to find out more.

In closing I must say that both cards worked perfectly, and had no problems with stability.

Use mdy dates from October Pages using deprecated image syntax Commons category link is on Wikidata. GeForce 8 9 It corresponds to MHz, and the memory works at ggainward clock speed. Pentium 4 MHz based computer: The overclocking is not fruitful – after MHz the chip hangs, while the memory’s summit is only MHz.


It always stumbles over something: VSync off in drivers, texture compression off in applications. This bundle is luxurious.

But this cooler has its own downsides: More importantly, we feel, is the card’s potential uses. Archived from the original on September gefotce, Views Read Edit View history.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The newest breed of consumer-level graphics cards from both NVIDIA and ATi sport all the features that’ll make your friends coo, especially when rendering some demo laden with copious lashings of both vertex shader and pixel shader 2.

Tesla GeForce 8 9 But I think aginward wrong to use the same box for so different cards, in spite of the same line.