A few days later I discovered Windows update had an update for the audio. I even put the settings from the Bios to run from AGP slot but nothing.. I have seen many cases where a simple windows update fixes the issue. Regarding memory, I believe that I mislead you. Bachelor of Hotel Management and Tourism Management.

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motherboards-cpu-ram – Which graphic cards can i use for my GBF | DaniWeb

This discussion is locked. Only questions remaining are what manufacturer you will choose I’ve chosen Gainward and got a free game – Deus Ex: Dell Latitude E inch Notebook 2.

Steve, could you please paste here to link of that particular file which fixed the sound problem in windows 7. I installed win 7 on gbf motherboard. Also, you must take bgf consideration that you have 2 memory channels.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board DGBF

Anyways, what i did is asked them to try ATI Radeon and it did work! Your motherboard layout pdf you posted clearly indicates that 1st 2nd memory slots are of the same channel unlike most mobos where are 1st and 3rd same channelso you’ll need to organize the modules so the brands aren’t vbf on the single lntel I think that you would need a super computer to run their games man. Can you guys help me chose a MB or a MB graphics card for this motherboard GBF because i just cant seem to get help from these stupid ingel that i tried to purchase a graphics card from.


Recently i installed windows Vista Ultimate but sound card not supported in this OS.

No need to attend Regular Classes. Please type your message and try again. It wont be supported bbf as it is an end of interactive board, and possibly end of life as well. I do have a problem though, i get a beep when i switch on the computer and i think its because of the ram. They must be identical.

Intel Desktop Board D865GBF – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865G Series

Regarding the memory, how many long or short beeps do you hear? I happened to be online when you replied.

That is because the system is looking for new drivers for the new piece of hardware. Laptops – Computers Intel pentium 2. Anyways, this AGP card i bought did not work for some reason, first i put it in the motherboard and the computer never switched ON until i realized that i had to attach power to it, but even when i attach power to it its fan does not work.

Sc In all Subjects. Thank you for your reply! Please note this motherboard is a legacy product now.


Which graphic cards can i use for my GBF 865 Motherboard?

At least you did reply! MY best guess is bad VGA.

One last thing, my computer was a bit lntel after i installed the graphics card but then it went fine after startup was finished i dont know why, maybe its because its still new? Regarding RAM, can i put different sizes in different channels? Have something to contribute to this discussion? I suggest that you don’t go under GeForce For example, can i put in the first slot and 1gb in the second slot?

Otherwise, it runs smooth while it is not paging. I want this card to play games such as Quake 4 and so on and i also want it to be compatible with other motherboards just incase i buy a new one! Mr Steve, I installed win 7 on gbf motherboard. Inte are right, sometimes the easiest thing we tend to forget.

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