In the DLL Driver frame. How do you get the two boards to function? The navigation path is: Series Mode must be used with Pre-Trigger enabled. You can change the name of the device by doing a right-click on the device name to open its properties dialog box.

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The IOtech drivers handle padding scans of slow devices in the data buffer to create a uniform input data stream. When prompted for the installation directory and program folder.

This will ensure that the data from each worksheet module coincides with the data from the DataSocket Import module. Good and bad setup examples follow.

Waveform output start is synchronized to the ADC trigger acquisition start. Calibration Options These settings are saved in the Configuration File. Note that during the configuring process.

The installation will automatically perform version verification to ensure that only newer support is installed. Using WaveView in this manner can be very beneficial. This single virtual device architecture forces from the DASYLab software perspective all input itoech to acquire data at the same sample rate. Care must be taken when mixing synchronous and asynchronous channels. If an infinite acquisition is attempted with a slow port. This page is intentionally blank.


DASYLab® 2016 – Easy-to-Use, Icon-based DAQ Software

When prompted for Setup Type, choose from the available options. In our example tags will be assigned to channels as follows: Hardware Configuration Dialog Box The Hardware Configuration Devices region see above figure shows the hardware configuration as defined in the current configuration file. Note that a single right-click deactivates the channel.

To specify the location of the calibration file. The DBK digital expansion option cards must be configured sequentially. Click the Use Calibration Function check box. Card Setup Dialog Box The Card Setup dialog box handles the selection of the main unit hardware and its configuration.

Repeat the process for any remaining cards as needed. The download is available at www.

If you’ve successfully duplicated the configuration. You will need to repeat steps 2 through 5 for each additional module.

Follow the prompts to complete the installation. A single right click will disable a channel.

Solved: Multiple DaqBoards in Dasylab – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

If you have not already done so. Select the applicable hardware drivers when prompted. Set the number equal to the number of cards you will have on the same main unit channel. Series Mode must be used with Pre-Trigger enabled. Add and configure your data acquisition device in the control Daq Configuration Control Panel Applet. Allows you to run an existing worksheet application on an additional computer with compatible hardware configurations.


The ease of moving the worksheet depends on versions and drivers, and of course, hardware configuration. From File Iotecch settings are saved in the Configuration File.