He posted it before he started Lawton Audio, which I’d guess that he now regrets seeing as how he started a business based on those same mods. I tuned this by putting a bit of fibreloft in the cups though. I also compared the headphones to some of the other full sized cans in my stable. I have been a fan of Ultrasone headphones for a while now. Post 10 of The Denons on the other hand gives you just enough space so that you can relax a bit more when listening. My conclusion was that these headphones were probably better suited to a solid state amp but if I had more time and money to experiment with different tubes I may have been able to create better synergy between the amp and the cans.

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Yes, my password is: Share This Page Tweet. The bass is tight and there is plenty of detail to make me happy.

Many thanks to erikzen for taking the time to write such a thorough and thoughtful review. Hey Thx for your response!! Aside from new cups and pads you can do all of the mods yourself with a piece of dynamat and some scissors.

Endnotes – Musical Selections I tried to listen to a variety of music that I was familiar with. Looking forward to having them with my E9 or E7 when they come through the mail.


May 15, at 7: But those are not available at the moment im from germany. May 14, at 2: Soundstage was good with great imaging but the spacing seemed to be very close together. This has motivated me to order the do it your self mod level 2 from lawton audio.

She sings in sounf voices and has a heavy bass. Although I still felt it was tipped toward the bass, my ears definitely became acclimated to the sound and I found it to be musical and non-fatiguing. However, they redeem themselves with sweet mids and treble which is appreciable on jazz and classical, which don’t delve down into the deep bass regions.

Post 10 of After some casual listening I decided to be a bit more critical with the headphone and soun it through its paces. wound

Renkforce MD 5000 Operating Instructions Manual: B) Sound Signals; C) Operation

I also compared the headphones to some of the other full sized cans in my stable. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

The problem is, that the delivery takes weeks. The Jena Labs cable and Furutech plug make the headphone look very serious.

We’re currently building a review sample md0500 two of our flagship LA based around the Denon D we keep selling out of cups, so mf5000 haven’t been able to get a demo unit made. I’d have to agree with everything you’ve said with regard to the Denons.


I am now convinced that these headphones absolutely need tubes to sound their best. Jan 9, at You may be in trouble when you demo the LA then haha. May 15, at Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

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I know these cans require very little power but since there’s next to nothing known about the headphone stage of the Denon AVRs I’m wondering if they can sound even better with a good dedicated amp.

Still there was no getting away from the fact that they can be fatiguing and in that respect I would rather listen suond the D for extended periods than the SA Im waiting for responses. I’ve had my D2ks burning in with pink noise for about 40 hours now and May 15, at 3: While I think The Predator is a fine piece osund equipment, it is not on the same level as a multi-thousand dollar home amp.