Although you might find blog posts recommending its usage, you should avoid setting this property unless instructed by Microsoft Support. When set to True, security information, such as the user identity or password previously specified on the connection string, can be obtained from the connection after the connection is made. On an Analysis Services connection, putting credentials on the command line is used only when the server is configured for HTTP access, and you specified Basic authentication instead of integrated security on the IIS virtual directory. When Analysis Services starts, the encrypted key for each database is read, decrypted, and stored. Details about this option can be found in ConnectionString. A database can contain multiple cubes and perspectives. Analysis Services uses a separate encryption key to encrypt connection string information for each Analysis Services database.

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Analysis Services uses Windows Authentication only, but you can set properties on the connection string to pass in a specific user name and password.

Specifies whether SQL queries include calculations. NET format the requests as Text, but accept responses in binary or compressed msokap.

This is the default for Excel.

Analysis Services uses a separate encryption key to encrypt connection string information for each Analysis Services database. Authenticates only when the client establishes a relationship with a server.

Connection string properties (Analysis Services) | Microsoft Docs

An administrator using this property connects using the permissions conveyed by the role. These are used to ensure specific connection behaviors required by an application. Excel, which uses MDX queries to populate and calculate a PivotTable connected to Analysis Services, sets this property to 1, to ensure that placeholder members in ragged hierarchies are visible in a PivotTable.


Specifies whether a local password is to be used to encrypt local cubes. If you are installing on a machine where the locale of the user who is logged in is different from the locale of the machine, Alphablox will not correctly determine if the MDAC components are installed. The user name and password must be the credentials of a Windows identity, either a local or a domain user account.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services issues

This is the default value. If a connection does not succeed within this period, the client quits trying to connect and generates an error. Ignore specifies that missing values should be ignored. However, if you store this information in the connection string, this information does need to be encrypted and secured.

Alias for Password is PWD. Valid values include 0, 1, 2. Valid values are 0, 1, 2. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services users might encounter problems related to ragged hierarchy, connection strings, user authentication, and user locale. SQL Server Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services This topic describes connection string properties you might set msloap one of the designer or administration tools, or see in connection strings built by client applications that connect to and query Analysis Services data.


The default is False. The database must be deployed on Analysis Services, and you must have permission to connect to it. Valid values are Data, Calculated, IncludeEmpty. To use this property, the caller must have administrative permissions in Analysis Services.

Analysis Services creates this key when you create a database, and encrypts connection string information based on the Analysis Services startup account. Cache Mode Use of this property was investigated in earlier releases. Select a domain account. This is the default value on the server.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services issues

Known data source issues and workarounds. The MDX Ksolap level is always set to 1. You must use a client library on the connection if using binary or compressed format. The password used to decrypt an encrypted local cube.

Set this property to control how members are aggregated when dimension security is applied. The client identity can be impersonated, but only when the connection is established, and not on every call. SSPI supports multiple packages, but you can use this property to specify a particular package.