No current hdtv cap cards have an encryption chip onboard, even the one that used to encrypt the content did so with the host’s cpu, sending out unencrypted hdtv over the pci bus making it non compliant. The image was projected onto a inch Stewart FireHawk Filmscreen. I think the AA transcoder is half decent, so you may not see any difference. I initially bought a VGA gender changer locally, but have discovered I didn’t need it If Kei is reading this, I would recommend making clear the gender of the VGA connectors in their descriptions– I got lucky and got exactly what I wanted, but I could certainly see someone expecting the other gender and being annoyed. Does it display the desktop or just the feed coming into the card? Sales Pre-purchase questions Support: If you want a personalized image to appear with your comment you need a Gravatar.

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If I get a chance over the weekend, I’ll try completely uninstalling the soundcard and will leave the MDP in place.

Product Review – MIT MDP / MDP MyHD High-Definition Decoder ATSC Tuner PCI Card

So what I have done is run one cable from my primary video card to my projector and then a second cable from the MyHD card to my projector.

Thu Sep 16, 8: I don’t want to get rid of my Nightingale Pro 6, but if I have to I want to get an inexpensive, yet fully capable sound card. Technically feasible, myhdd a why bother and certainly none of the md;-100 cards can be sold after next July. But here is an updated thread about it: What are these shadow streaks im getting from moving characters? However, thus far broadcasters have not been using any HDCP protection.


FS: Radeon 9100 64MB AGP, MyHD MDP-100 HD PCI Tuner

The NXT also includes a built-in signal quality indicator for quick antenna alignment and fast signal acquisition. DarkSyd Ars Praefectus Registered: Digital gets done with an SD signal, the straight-in plain old mthd picture was actually better. I’ll accept non-CC PayPal or money order. I don’t think any mdp-10 those laws actually passed. The MDP includes a small, yet well designed and functional remote control, which communicates with an IR sensor that hooks up to the serial port on your PC.

Aug 6, Posts: We recorded the Tonight Show all week long and the image was as good as if we were watching it live. Thu Sep 16, 2: Fri Sep 17, 7: MP-1 Radeon Pro. How does this card work?

However, I haven’t read the full rule very carefully yet, and it looks like the rule may also allow recording the stream as long as the broadcast flag is retained and the content can only be played on one device. This is real interesting, thanks for the headsup. Thu Jul 21, 9: I’ll take that motherboard. Arggh, just noticed that the motherboard was sold, consider this a bump instead.


I suppose the question is how the broadcast flag idiocy changes this stipulation. I suspect I have the original software CD around here somewhere, but you don’t really need it Versa, thanks for your help. How are the drivers, features etc? The easiest way, from a day to day usage point of view, is to run the video out from your main video card into the pass through on the MyHD card and then from the MyHD card to your TV.

Fri Sep 17, 2: Is it technically impossible to create an HDTV capture card that complies with the rule?

The video performance we experienced from this product was excellent and indistinguishable from our set-top box. As I understand it, anything broadcast over the air must be available. The built-in carrier recovery circuitry, along with the equalization scheme results in robust and dependable demodulation even when the VSB pilot is lost.

I have not tried running the card without the fan.